The seven foods that you should watch out on to maintain quality dental health

The seven foods that you should watch out on to maintain quality dental health

April 1, 2021
Quality dental health and tooth care begin with what you expose your tooth too. There are a number of foods that if you commonly ingest then you need to take extra care of your teeth. These are foods that damage your teeth. Here are the 7 worse foods that damage your teeth that require that you take extra of your teeth if you regularly eat them.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits may sound healthy to you. However, for your teeth, they are not the best friends as you may think. These fruits are often sticky and sticky food is not good for your teeth for the simple reason that it gets stuck on your teeth and leads to various complications. It is important to clean your teeth thoroughly once you have eaten the dried fruits. Fruits having sugar makes them even dangerous to you because the sugar is a recipe for acidity on the teeth. It is thus important to avoid dried fruits for this reason.

Sour candies

Candy’s have always been related to bad teeth. But sour candy is worse because they contain more and varied kinds of acids that affect your teeth. Their chewiness also makes them stick on your teeth and get stuck on your teeth for longer increasing the chances of tooth decay. You should thoroughly and regularly clean your teeth if you take a lot of sour candies.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks offer very little to you yet they do a lot of damage to your teeth. Even if they are labeled diet, the carbonated drinks enable plaque to produce acid that attaches to the enamel resulting in tooth enamel loss. Drinking soda and such drinks result in a coating of the teeth with acid resulting in acid erosion, which causes tooth enamel loss. After drinking soda, it is not advisable to brush your teeth immediately because this would increase the levels of decay.


Fruits that are full of citruses such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit have acid content that causes acid erosion and tooth enamel loss. In addition to causing pain in the mouth when there are sours, the foods can affect your dental health. They should be eaten in moderation to prevent extensive damage to the teeth.

Potato chips

Potato chips are popular and satisfying. However, they contain start, which is converted to sugar within the mouth that can be trapped within the teeth and nurture bacteria in the plaque. The acid that is produced in the process lingers and lasts for a longer period causing some level of damages such as tooth erosion that ultimately damages your dental health.


Bread might be very common but it is also not good for your teeth. Your saliva usually breaks down the starch when you eat bread. The bread once broken down turns into a gummy-like paste that gets stuck on the crevices between the teeth with the potential of causing cavities if not properly cleaned. Bread that contains less added sugar is better because they have a minimal effect on dental health.


Alcohol may not be food but being that it is regularly consumed its effects on teeth should be discussed. Alcohol creates a dry mouth that lacks saliva removing the saliva that is responsible for cleaning the food that would stick on teeth. Saliva also helps in the prevention of early tooth decay exposing the teeth further to decay and tooth erosion. The food that you eat plays a critical role in your dental health. Complications such as tooth enamel loss, tooth erosion, and acid erosion are largely caused by the foods that you eat. The foods might offer a valuable nutritive role in your body but you should also consider the effect on your teeth. Good and extensive oral hygiene is necessary to ensure that you have quality teeth. You must clean and floss your teeth because the major damage is caused by the foods that remain clustered in your teeth that turn into acids and other destructive agents. These foods should also not be eaten frequently because then the risks are increased under these situations. It is thus important that you maintain the right care for your teeth and observe what you eat regularly.