Learn More About Oral Cancer Screenings 

Learn More About Oral Cancer Screenings 

February 1, 2020

Of all diseases in the world, cancer is the most feared. It is deadly and very expensive to treat. If detected early, it can possibly be treated. However, the best thing to do is try as possible to prevent this deadly disease.

In recent years, oral cancer has become very common, and it is affecting a lot of people worldwide. It is advisable to keep knowing status from time to time. The only way to know is by visiting a hospital and having an oral cancer screening. This article will discuss more this screening.

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

This is a dental examination conducted by a dentist or a doctor to look for precancerous lesions in your mouth. The goal of this examination is to identify cancer as early as possible. The earlier cancer is identified, the higher the chances of treating it.

It is still not clear whether people with low risks for mouth cancer should go for screening or not. This is because no oral examination for cancer has been proved to help reduce the risk of anyone from dying of the disease.

It doesn’t hurt getting screened for cancer, though. It has an added advantage since if you have the disease and it is found early, it can be treated. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Why is Oral Cancer Screening Performed?

The major goal of this screening is to identify signs of mouth cancer as early as possible. Not all medical organizations agree that oral screening is of benefit, though. Some argue that oral cancer screening does not save any lives, so there is no need for it. However, if someone from your family has a high risk of mouth cancer, he or she can benefit from the screening.

Factors that increase the risk for oral cancer include:

  • Smoking. Tobacco is well-known for causing lung cancer. It turns out it also increases the risk of oral cancer. Avoid smoking tobacco as well as chewing or snuffing it. If you are an addicted smoker, then maybe you can benefit from the screening.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol does not only increase the risk of liver cirrhosis, but it also increases the risk of oral cancer. You should probably get screened if you are a heavy drinker.
  • If you were previously diagnosed with cancer before, the risk of oral cancer is very high.
  • A history of excessive sun exposure is known to increase the risk of cancer of the lips.

The cases of oral cancer are increasing rapidly, and there is still no solid explanation. Maybe getting an oral cancer screening is the best thing to do because you can never be sure with something until you are sure.

If you are concerned about your status, just talk to your doctor and have a screening test. If you are looking for oral cancer screenings in North Highlands, we are more than happy to help. Contact us today, and we will advise you accordingly.

What to Expect

Oral cancer screening is a fast procedure, and it does not require you to prepare in any special way. The whole procedure is conducted in a day and can be done even during your regular dental visits.

The dentist will look inside your mouth, looking if you might be having any mouth sores or red patches. He will then use his hands to feel the tissue in your mouth to check for any abnormalities. He might as well examine your neck and throat looking for lumps.

Some dentists use additional tests to check for oral cancer thoroughly. For example, your dentist may ask you to rinse your mouth with a special kind of dye that helps search for any signs of cancer. If the dye turns color to, for example, blue, it might be a sign of oral cancer. Other dentists use a special kind of light to screen cancer.


Ensure to maintain good hygiene to avoid other dental problems. Poor oral hygiene is usually the mother of most dental problems. If at all you are diagnosed with oral cancer, we can help you. We will advise you accordingly, and during the first visit, we will discuss the initial treatment plan.

If the cancer is in its early stages, you have a high chance of getting through it. Our services are family-friendly, and our staff is very dedicated. Mouth cancer is not the end of your life. With proper guidance, you can live for much longer. So don’t despair if you are diagnosed.