Dental Restorations – Types, Procedure, and Benefits 

Dental Restorations – Types, Procedure, and Benefits 

January 1, 2020

Restorations are dental procedures that are used for filling up spaces in the teeth. Gap between teeth, decaying teeth, previously damaged restorations, and other such problems are treated with dental restorations.

To make it easier for people to understand, there are two methods of restorations; the direct method and the indirect method. The two types and their treatments have been discussed below. The dentist fills the space in your tooth through different procedures.

Dental Fillings

The pulp of a decayed tooth is removed through the cleaning process or root canal treatment. A hole is constructed for the purpose, which needs to be filled afterward. The filling is done with various materials like gold, amalgam, composite resins, and porcelain. To fill any space, crack, or hole in the teeth, dental fillings are recommended. The tooth is filled and it gives you the perfect smile. Fillings work as a shield for the teeth after RCT and a treatment for broken, chipped, and cracked teeth.

First, the dentist will numb the surgical site and clean the teeth. Decayed teeth require vigorous cleaning. The tooth will be rinsed and further cleansed with an antibacterial liquid. If any nerve is infected, it will be first taken care of and covered with a resin or glass ionomer. After protecting the nerve, the filling material is poured in. The dentist will shape the filling material according to the shape of your teeth and polish it.

Dental Implants

A false tooth is installed in a cosmetic dentistry technique. Implant is the most recommended restoration technique worldwide. Dental implant in North Highland, CA is advised for filling the space of a lost tooth or replacing a dead tooth. Dental implants have three different types. These types are:

Endosteal Dental Implant

A screw is first implanted in the jaw. A tooth-shaped cover is placed on the screw to make your denture look complete and attractive.

Subperiosteal Dental Implant

The false tooth is placed on top of the gum instead of drilling it in the jawbone. These implants look different from the natural teeth.

Zygomatic Implant

It is recommended to people who do not have sufficient space on the jawbone. First, the jawbone is made spacious with bone graft procedure. The false tooth is now implanted in the jaw.

Indirect Methods

Dentist uses a crown or bridge to make your smile look better. Here are some indirect methods of restoration.


Another method of tooth restoration is the dental bridge. In this dental treatment in CA, gap between teeth is filled with a false tooth. It is a different method from dental implants because the gap is filled with a porcelain tooth held by the support of neighboring teeth. First, the neighboring teeth are prepared for crowning and the bridge is placed. Dentists often refer to bridges as an implant technique.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are another common method used for replacing or covering teeth. It is used after various treatments as well as independently. The most common type of dental crowns is porcelain and ceramic. First, a dental x-ray is required so that the dentist understands the condition of the denture. If everything is clear and your denture can tolerate dental crowns, the dentist moves to the next step  Porcelain crowns in North Highland require a numb area. For this purpose, the dentist will use a local anesthesia. The crown is placed and adjusted according to the size of the tooth.

Benefits of Dental Restorations

Dental treatments in CA or restorations have several benefits to offer. Depending on your oral health, you can also modify the restorations. Let’s check out the advantages of restorations.

Restorations boost up your confidence. The perfect smile gives you the confidence to wander around. People feel complex if their smile is not attractive.

Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth do not look good. Restorations help you treat them and you look more attractive. Your teeth stay protected and in shape. Your teeth get maximum support with restorations.

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